In general, the FSA requires the transportation vehicle used to be certified, the transportation emergency response plan been approved and the drivers of road vehicles transporting any class of petroleum and flammable materials to hold a valid Hazardous Material Transportation Driver Permit HTDP to drive the vehicle. Any person who wishes to transport petroleum or flammable materials must obtain a licence for each vehicle that is used for such transportation. The transportation of petroleum and flammable materials is to be carried out within approved hours and along approved routes. Petroleum Petroleum refers to hydrocarbons with carbon and hydrogen in its molecular structure. This includes crude petroleum, liquefied petroleum gas and other naturally occurring hydrocarbons derived from crude petroleum, coal, shale, peat or other bituminous substances. For Class III petroleum, diesel is the only licensable product.

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Understand the purpose and intent of local regulations in the transport of Hazmat. Know the use of a Safety Data Sheet. Should be well verse on the TERP. Respond to transport emergency. Able to perform fire fighting in a small fire The only training provider in Singapore with more than 10 years of reliable experience conducting this course!

The importance of having experienced trainers is critical to drivers and assistants who are learning these Hazmat skills. Course Description: Under the current legislation of the Fire Safety Act FSA and the Environmental Pollution Control Act, drivers transporting hazardous materials are required to be competently trained in preventing and mitigating accidental releases.

The Hazardous Materials Transport Driver Permit Scheme had been introduced as a requirement for companies who wish to transport hazardous materials in Singapore.

The permit is valid for 2 years and drivers are required to attend the Hazardous Materials Transport Driver Course upon expiry. Our trainers are veterans in the industry are well versed in transport operations for hazardous goods as per the requirements and regulations set in the Fire Safety Act.


htdp: Horizontal Time Dependent Positioning

MIT Press published the first edition in , and the second edition in , which is freely available online and in print. The book introduces the concept of a design recipe, a six-step process for creating programs from a problem statement. While the book was originally used along with the education project TeachScheme! According to HtDP, the design process starts with a careful analysis of a problem statement with the goal of extracting a rigorous description of the kinds of data that the desired program consumes and produces. The structure of these data descriptions determines the organization of the program.


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