Every time I look at my OK, so Every time I look at my Kindle, a nearly-irrepressible desire to go do something else overcomes me, and I hear my brain screaming at me to just turn on a video game and try to forget any of this ever happened. When I think of trying to make it all the way to the end, I get that vertigo effect. Then I get scared. Mediocre, yes, but not terrible. Or any personality at all, come to think of it

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Youre my world, babe. Not theirs. They can have me, but they cant have you, too. I meant it when I said forever You are it for me The me that is standing in front of you right now is not the same me thats out there in the spotlight They only get the outside, not the inside.

Thats for you. This book made my heart deeply happy and left me thoroughly contented and elated. It was SO refreshing to read a whole book about a functional, totally-in-love couple. Even though it had been quite a while since I read book 1, Love Unscripted , I had no problem instantly reconnecting with the characters and realizing just how much I had missed them.

The author perfectly captured the thrill of being in a relationship with a mega-celebrity, as well as the gritty realities that come with that world — the paparazzi, stalkers, invasion of privacy, constant media scrutiny — making Ryan and Taryn have to deal not only with their own personal life and issues, but also how all of those were seen in the public eye.

I loved how both of them learned from their mistakes. It was truly a joy to read. Their reactions, concerns, issues were all believable, understandable and I could totally sympathize with everything each of them went through. Ryan Christensen. Definitely the sweetest and hottest Hollywood movie star to ever grace the pages of a romance novel. It melted my heart how utterly in love with Taryn he was and how completely he was devoted to her. Despite all of the pressures of his very public job, all of the gorgeous women throwing themselves at him, he always and only had eyes for Taryn.

I loved that she had her own journey to go through as she dealt with the repercussions of being involved with a high-demand celebrity. I love how confidently she slipped into his world.

It was daunting but she was strong and held her own and, of course, her deep love for Ryan was seriously heart warming.

I loved seeing them work through the highs and lows of the industry and the highs and lows of a relationship, supporting each other through their joys and fears and continuing to grow stronger and stronger.

I can honestly say that there is NO stupidity in this book. There are no loose ends, no unanswered questions, just a wonderful, heart warming HEA.


Tina Reber



Love Unguarded


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