Start your review of Practical Mental Magic Write a review Sep 19, Michael Kelly rated it really liked it A book which is absolutely packed to bursting with hundreds of methods and routines of mental magic. But I have lifted plenty of material from it to incorporate into new, fresh routines of my own devising, which have blown people away, and I have bookmarked many more for future adaptation. It A book which is absolutely packed to bursting with hundreds of methods and routines of mental magic. Dec 31, Benjamin rated it really liked it A wide range of effects, a somewhat narrower range of procedures, and a few strangely non mental tricks Nov 28, Damian rated it it was amazing Right up there with 13 Steps.

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Oldies but goodies Report this review Pro Privacy ON login to see reviewer names on October 9th, This is the first book I bought on mentalism and I was not disappointed. It helped get my feet wet and expand my knowledge. Easy to read and understand. Add it to your cart and let your education begin! Did this review help you?

Add to cart! Report this review Pro Privacy ON login to see reviewer names on May 13th, Stop reading these reviews and get this book now!!! This is excellent. If you want to be remembered as a good magician, stick to your own material. If you do exactly what it tells you, your reputation will soar like eagles. Its also very practical. Many effects are impromptu. Most others use gimmicks easy to obtain or make. Very few use difficult gimmicks.

This is a great Buy! I even use the book as a prop for The Yogi Book Test, found on page That one trick alone is well worth the price of the whole book! Stuff You Can Do Forever!!! The money tricks are really cool, and it gives a ton of other tricks and ideas that would make this book essentially worth well over Dollars.

Theodore Annemann was genius and is considered the father of Mentalism. Start with this book and once you learn the basics of Mentalism then purchase some other more advanced Mentalism books like Pure Effect and Absolute Magic by Derren Brown. Penguin Magic sells both of these books. Gerard 1 of 1 magicians found this helpful. Timeless Classic!

The principles behind the effects in this book are as powerful today as they were when they were set down! Think about the underlying principle and make it your own!

Not enough stars!!!!!!! I found it on another site as a download. Either way, nuts or bolts, this is my take on this book. For starters, this book has some killer knowledge in it that every mentalist should know and learn. This book contains a lot of ideas, and some applications you can apply as well. Most of all, a lot of them can be done impromptu! The only things lacking in a book like this is presentation. I understand the hardship it can be for those with learning disabilities - you are not alone.

However, with patience, and a help of a friend, I can promise you that this book will be worth it. This book will get those cogs working and turning giving you ideas and applications for the different principles inside this book. Not only that, but it also has some history and theory hidden within the pages if you so choose to look and listen to what is written.

The only other reading material you would need is corindas work and you would be set for life. Do you want to respond to this review? If your a mentalist, do your homework and read this.

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