Kelkis m0n0wall Handbook Additional webGui admin groups can be added here as well. Will there ever be translated versions of m0n0wall? IPsec window and click this checkbox element, then select apply at the bottom of the page. This way if one of them were to be compromised, m0nn0wall LAN still has protection from the attacker. You may also include a new login form in the error page to allow the user to attempt another login directly. In the IP address box, fill in the IP address you want to be assigned to the client, or leave it blank to automatically assign one from the available DHCP range.

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But, if you have one laying around or can find one cheaply, these will run m0n0wall. For pictures and complete instructions, see this page. Contact NexCom for pricing. In fact much of the m0n0wall documentation is written by Chris Buechler using VMware Workstation teams with virtual machines.

Hardware Sizing Determining the exact hardware sizing for your m0n0wall deployment can be difficult at best, because network environments differ dramatically. The following will provide some base guidelines on choosing what hardware is sufficient for your installation.

Stated throughput numbers are very conservative for most environments, leaving some room for error and future expandability. Embedded Devices The following can be used as a rough guide to determining which embedded platform, if any, is suitable for your environment. Soekris 45xx The Soekris 45xx line is sufficient for any Internet connection under 10 Mbps.

Other features will not cause enough of a performance hit to make a substantial difference. One thing to keep in mind is the maximum throughput between interfaces, if you plan on utilizing a DMZ segment or second LAN segment.

A 45xx maxes out at around 17 Mbps. If you need more than 17 Mbps of throughput between your internal networks, you will need to go with a faster platform.

Soekris 48xx The Soekris 48xx line is sufficient for most Internet connections less than 30 Mbps. A 48xx maxes out at around 40 Mbps. If you need more than 40 Mbps of throughput between your internal networks, you will need to go with a faster platform. A quality NIC can increase your maximum throughput as much as two to three fold, if not more.

FreeBSD refers to network cards by their driver name followed by the interface number. Cheap cards like those containing Realtek chipsets FreeBSD rl driver are very poor performers in comparison. For low throughput environments, like any typical broadband connection 6 Mbps or less, any NIC will suffice. Processor Your CPU will generally be the bottleneck in your system. You can install as much memory as you like, but even with all features enabled and heavy loads, you will not exhaust 64 MB.

Storage Medium m0n0wall will work fine on any hard drive or compact flash card at least 8 MB in size. At boot, m0n0wall is loaded into RAM and runs from RAM, so the speed and type of storage medium used is not a factor in system performance. Slower storage mediums like compact flash will take slightly longer to boot than hard drives will, but boot time is the only performance factor in selecting your storage medium.

Compact flash is suggested for maximum reliability since it is much less likely to fail than a hard drive. High Throughput Environments In environments where extremely high throughput through several interfaces is required, especially with gigabit interfaces, PCI bus speed must be taken into account. When using multiple interfaces in the same system, the bandwidth of the PCI bus can easily become a bottleneck.

Most typical motherboards only have one or two PCI buses, and each can run an absolute maximum of MBps, or Mbps. These require drivers that are only found in FreeBSD 5. They will be supported when m0n0wall is on a newer version of FreeBSD. Please report any findings to the contrary to Chris Buechler. Not all wireless cards support hostap mode!

If this list does not say "no hostap" next to the card, it should support hostap. Note The m0n0wall Documentation Project does not endorse any vendors you may find through froogle. We simply link there for your convenience. The searches provided may also bring up unrelated hardware in addition to the compatible hardware.


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After saving your desired changes, use the restore feature in m0n0wall to restore the changed configuration. Specify a Roll Number, e. For example, if your machine name is my-pc and your default domain is example. This allows other hosts on handbooj LAN to automatically configure their IPv6 address based on the prefix and gateway information that the Firewall provides them. Abstract A freely-redistributable complete embedded firewall software package. Many companies suffer from worm outbreaks and related security issues due to unauthorized machines being plugged into their network.



The default is 60 seconds. Make note of the model and serial number. It is probably best to get your VPN tunnel working in Pre-Shared Key mode first, so you can get any kinks out of the other parameters, before you add the additional complexity of certificates. Below are the steps needed to install this interface using the web interface of your m0n0wall device. This causes the loss of all connectivity.

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