Pada tahun ia baru berumur 7 tahun, tapi pada saat itu ia terkena Tumor jinak di rahangnya dan dokter mengatakan bahwa ia harus dioperasi hingga tiga kali. Hingga pada suatu saat seorang tetangganya mennyarankannya untuk mengajukan bantuan kepada Yayasan Buddha Tzu Chi Indonesia. Tapi, sewaktu pihak Yayasan Tzu Chi memanggil untuk tahap pengobatan, sang ibu justru bergeming. Belum katanya nanti bibir anak saya bisa sobek. Lah, saya kan jadi takut! Akhirnya ia pun memilih untuk kembali ke pengobatan tradisional.

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What we did in the past dictates our present, and what we do now determines our future. Life is short. The best way to cope with impermanence in life is to cherish our gift of life by planting good karmic causes and conditions now. By practicing wisdom and compassion to help others and to Buddhism teaches about the law of karma which explains our past, present, and future.

Dharma Master Cheng Yen is one whom millions of people around the world look up to as a wise teacher because with her teachings, they find the path for a more fulfilling life and lasting happiness.

Her teachings have been compiled and published as Jing Si Aphorisms. Through the efforts of Tzu Chi volunteers, Jing Si Aphorisms have reached schools, offices, hotels, and stores in many communities. An elementary school student was about to step into a video game arcade after school when he suddenly remembered the Jing Si Aphorism he learned in class just earlier; it made him quickly change his mind, and he went home instead. Reading these Jing Si Aphorisms, one feels as if having a heart-to-heart dialogue with the Master.

Once there was a young man in Taiwan whose life was saved by a Jing Si Aphorism. However, due to a loan guarantee for his friend that went wrong, he found himself suddenly facing a huge debt, with debt collectors chasing after him. But, he had no experience. So, he paced back and forth outside of the bank, indecisive as to what to do.

Just when he decided to go ahead with the robbery, a woman parked her motorcycle near him and went into the bank. There was a book lying in the basket on the bike. He reached out and picked up the book. Startled and taken aback, he quickly put the book back and ran home. If not for it, I would have done something that hurt others and myself. For sure, had I robbed that bank, I would go to prison and ruin the rest of my life and destroy my family.


Jing Si Aphorisms Vol 2(Still Thoughts)

How can one make the Bodhisattva path the spiritual goal of present day people? Her exquisite words and caring thoughts inspire wisdom and provide direction amidst delusional thinking. They promote heart-to-heart dialogues. Through the efforts of Tzu Chi volunteers, they have reached schools, businesses, government agencies, armed barracks, stores and every corner of communities.


Jing Si Aphorisms Volume 1《靜思語一》英文版



Jing Si Aphorisms (Chinese/ English/ Japanese/ Spanish)


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