For many Baptists, these terms sound like polar opposites. This would pave the way for Reformed Theology. He has been very successful. Initially, the Calvinists came on a little strong without masking the reformed doctrine. This is a theology that is repulsive to the average Baptist… if it is easily identifiable.

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First the good. As stated, Greear holds to a more solid, Calvinist position on salvation. He has also spent a considerable amount of time defending the historical truth of Scripture. He spends a good bit of time engaging in apologetics and is mission-focused. He has a genuine heart for reaching the lost by taking the Gospel to little-reached or unreached communities.

Now the bad. This is troubling, as Ronnie Floyd presented created? Ronnie Floyd, a blooming Arminian, has done something that few evangelical leaders in the past could have ever dreamed of doing. He has successfully united much of the visible, professing church with the apostate church i. Rome, NAR, etc. Acts 29 is a network of supposedly independent churches whose primary purpose is to plant more churches.

But… Acts 29 was founded by the befallen pastor , Mark Driscoll. The network is comprised of churches that promote charismania, have a low tolerance threshold for discernment, and a general taste for popularity. Most of the members of the network are regular traveling speakers, with personalities that attract attenders read: tithers to their events.

These personalities are the face of New Calvinism, and Greear is right in the midst of it. Greear preaches through video sermons from one campus to another.

And finally, the ugly. Greear will be partnering with at least two well-known false teachers on March 25, , at a conference in Orlando, called Exponential East. The Word of Faith pastor is popular among other false teachers, such as T. Jakes, and Brian Houston. Is this what he really wants to expose his sheep to?

Is following Steven Furtick really going to help build healthy and effective churches? Partnering with false teachers is strictly forbidden in Scripture Eph Perhaps, however, Greear sees nothing wrong with these men.

Sadly, most SBC leaders do not. These overly charismatic teachers seem to be the driving force behind the influence in the SBC now. Suppose a father at his church discourages babbling in his household among his family, does he enact church discipline on him?

Could Southern Baptists support a president that believed this way? So, while it may be true that on the surface Greear is a step in the right direction, at least in comparison to Ronnie Floyd, for the Southern Baptist Convention, it will be interesting to see the real direction he takes the denomination in the likely event that he is elected.

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