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After the battle, Maester Aemon reveals that he has kept secrets of his own while serving at Castle Black, including two dragon eggs.

Inspired by The Fanfiction Equal Footing. I would like to dedicate this to my Beta, MSquared She has been the best beta I could have asked for and a great friend.

We both have had a very shitty two months but we both pulled through. You are all amazing and I hope you enjoy! Arya Everywhere a step was taken, there was shit. It was expected, of course, since the only path to travel without detection was in the city sewer. But the damn place had so little maintenance that it was the very definition of the very word shit.

They had all entered through a drainage grate just outside the east side of the city during the earliest part of the morning. There was barely any light coming from the horizon when they moved to infiltrate the city.

Any less and it would have been too dark to see. Any more and it would have been too bright and they would have been seen. The four of them trudged through the waste of the city. It came up to the ankles of their boots and was thick as mud. She threw up constantly as they walked through the cold sewers. She never got a chance to bathe and smelled foul so often that she grew used to the smell. Why Ser Jaime was having trouble with the smell was questionable.

He spent a year stuck in a cell covered in his own filth. They all remained mostly quiet apart from the groans of the horrid stenches that were trapped with them in the sewers.

It felt like an hour had gone by and the series of tunnels they were walking through was a gigantic maze. The route Ser Jaime took felt like they were going around in circles. The filth they walked in was freezing aside from horrid smelling. Arya could feel her feet starting to sting from the cold. But they just kept on walking because there was no place to stop. Eventually, they came to an opening in a dark passageway that resembled a hall of sorts. The filth they walked through had stopped and filled into a pool of sorts that they stepped out of and finally onto a floor of dirt.

They walked among the shadows that faintly shown from the dim light cast by the lantern. The lines of the stones forming the walls looked like snakes shivering down to the dirt floor. The cold in the passageways was worse than the sewer tunnels. Almost enough to remind them all of the war with the dead. They pressed on in silence, passing other corridors and passageways, hopefully heading in the right direction of the Red Keep. After they turned the corner into a new hall, in the midst of the shadows was a luminescence of light, green light.

Jaime halted and tightened his grip on his lantern. The barrels containing the wildfire were dripping lightly and soaking the dirt. There must have been two dozen aligned on each side of the hallway. But when the past that one section, they came to a fork in the tunnels when a morbid feeling fell upon all of them. Down each corridor were rows of barrels dripping with wildfire.

There had to be a hundred lined up on each wall. Enough to destroy Winterfell five times over and enough to destroy one part of the city. The glance Jaime gave him confirmed it. The number of barrels did not end, it seemed. Every time they turned a corner, there were more barrels waiting to be found. Seeing so many made it hard to believe that anyone was down here working at all or that they were adding more barrels instead of getting them out.

Finally, Jaime led them all to a passage free of green luminescence and barrels of wildfire. For once it was comforting to have the shadows and darkness surround them. Something about the glow of wildfire gave a sickly feel to everyone. Suddenly, Jaime halted. He set down his lantern on the ground and covered the light with his cloak. It sounds like footsteps. Arya stepped to the front of the line and closed eyes, letting all her focus go to one of her senses. She barely heard a thing, but there was something.

The rustling and scrunches of dirt being walked on. There was more than one set of footsteps, at least five. She opened her eyes and saw the flickerings of light. The others were just as quiet as they drew their swords. As the torchlight and voices were as close as they needed to be, Arya sprang from the corner with Jaime right behind her and surprised several men.

Arya let out a relieving breath. The Targaryen army is outside the city gates. He was the eldest of the group. Even then, we go at night. A large one. Do you know what we have to do?

They all had weary looks about them now that Arya really looked at them. They were thin and looked sickly. Duck shook his head. Arya took the map of the city and laid it over the other map to align so that they matched positions. After getting a clear image of the streets and notable locations, she moved the city map off and noticed a pattern. When they came to a new one that was filled with many columns and a bit wider than what had been traversed so far, everyone could hear and feel a rhythmic shaking in the ground.

Arya took a guess. That way, no dragons could hide in the clouds and catch them in a surprise attack. But it was so damn cold. Harry missed the heat of Essos. He could not wait to get back home to the warmth. First, he would find a nice whore and some damn good wine. But before any of that could happen, he had to lead his men to slay dragons and Dothraki. Many eyes of the common folk peered through the windows of their homes to watch what it was that woke them so early in the morning.

The light of the sun was just barely touching the roofs of the buildings. The rumbling of soldiers was amplified when a dozen of the elephants, fully armored and armed, were being driven to battle. The beasts were fitted with a seat for the driver and a turret on the back that held fifteen archers. Their tusks were fitted with blades that would cut through any horse ridden by Westerosi and Dothraki.

They had lost a few elephants in Dorne, but Cersei was wise to put the care of the creatures as a top priority. These were the only beasts that would be able to fight off the Dothraki. Their horses were unaccustomed to the smell of elephants and they would lose control. The Westerosi knights and savages have seen mammoths and giants, but they would tremble at the sight of creatures bred for war.

But there are knights and giants and dragons outside those walls. Without them, the Targaryen have nothing. Different wars and different armies. The only difference between them and the one that will happen today is that this one will never ever be forgotten.

We will never be forgotten. Everyone after us will just be piss in the snow. Harry sighed out and waited for the next battalion of his men to come by and joined them when they did. He noticed many gazes watching them all as the rode out.

Eyes of people peered through windows. But the other eyes watching, the ones of ravens perched on the rooftops, it felt like the God of Death was looking at him through them. That crazy bastard was upset when he was denied the chance to kill Jon Snow… Targaryen, whatever the fuck he called himself, in single combat. Many would be. Kingslaying on the battlefield was a glorious thing to achieve.

And now, Bloodbeard would have contenders for that title.


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