This text became a major part of his legacy and the cornerstone upon which the future of the Adeptus Astartes would be based. No complete copies of his original text is known to exist although the majority of his tome has survived and is available to all Space Marines, if not committed to memory. Though for all its multitudinous topics, the most lasting and contentious decree of the Codex Astartes was that the existing Space Marine Legions be broken up and reorganised into smaller organisations known as Chapters. The rest would take new names, heraldry, and homeworlds or fortress-monasteries, and stretch themselves across the Imperium. The Codex Astartes stated that each Chapter would be one thousand Battle-Brothers strong and look to its own recruitment, training and equipment.

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Ultramarines army showcase Hi all, Getting close to the final showcases now. Only Blood Angels and Deathwatch to go. As a brief update I was generously given a job lot of Primaris by a friend from our gaming club - between these and the new tooth and claw set I will be adding a chunk of Primaris marines to my deathwatch army, nearly doubling the boots on the ground.

It also allowed me to add some reivers, aggressors, inceptors and a dreadnought to my Sons of Orar so they will be due a showcase update sometime before the nd of the year. Plus one random Gravis Captain who, in a departure from my previous approach, has been added to my Ultramarines.

Reasoning being that he was nicely painted as a Smurf and it was either use or lose him. Speaking of updates, now seems a good time to recap hobby plans towards the end of the year. Having now acquired a few Space Marines I will aim to get them updated also, but this will push back other projects in turn.

Despite taking part in a tale of gamers with the club, I have made precious little progress with anything Chaos and have decided to give up on it until next year - this will officially be the year of Chaos and Sororitas! In the meantime as well as marines I am steadily plodding through my admech which are seeing their tournament debut next week.

As well as expanding my Knights to include Dominus patterns by the end of the year I am also looking to assemble some Imperial Guard to represent a Necromundan regiment. A host of smaller projects remain to either complete this year or in between larger projects next. This army has undergone a fair few evolutions in its time and is now complete save for a handful of Japan exclusive marines I want to get my hands on still to finish the tactical squads, hence why they are unfinished here.

The army is formed around a battle demi-company with a variety of HQ units including Robby G himself. A few unique units have snuck their way in also, namely a deredeo dreadnought and the HQ tanks from Warhammer world.

Full army shot From above, note the 3 missing marines. Devastator, assault and tactical marines, with a company ancient and champion, Sicarius, Techmarine and Cassius.


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