Please check the package contents as shown below before getting started. Install trip PC 2. Charge GPS Logger 3. Power on 4. Get first GPS fix 5. Connect PC to im port data 1.

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Page 2 GT Dimension 46 x Install trip PC 2. Charge GPS Logger 3. Power on 4. Get first GPS fix 5. Connect PC to import data 1. Operation: Long press 1. Note: When the device is powered on and starts tracking, the blue LED indicator blinks every 4 seconds. Please refer to the user manual of your handset or bluetooth device for details on bluetooth pairing. Note: 1. If necessary, enter the passcode " " to complete pairing. Any change made by the authorities might influence the accuracy and performance of the GPS equipments.

Connect it to any PC installed with navigation software to work both together as a GPS navigation system. Page 11 trip PC trip PC is a specialized software that can auto-add GPS information on the photos taken on your journey and present your journey lively on 3D map.

Besides, trip PC offers great functionality that allows you to create, customize and export your trips in various file formats, in order to share many traveling fun times with your family and friends. Let trip PC do all the hard work for you! Main menu bar Main menu bar provides you with quick accesses to the main functions and information concerned.

Share Trip: Click to share your trip by uploading to trip server including an option to make it public , exporting to file, or any advanced options. Page 13 Note: For correct mapping of track data and photos, please make sure your camera time is adjusted prior to starting a track.

Or click Sync. Time with Server to obtain the correct time from server. Page 14 Trip information window gives a clear view of all the imported trips in selected trip folder. Right-click on a trip to see more options: Copy: The selected trip will be duplicated. Page 16 Click Add to add photos to the map of your trip. Click Next to continue. Import Wizard is now processing track data. Finally, a trip is com pleted. Page See Method A for the rest of data import process.

Page Compose Trip Compose Trip Select a trip from the trip information window, and click on the main menu bar to launch Trip Composer. Page 20 Set Runner: Click to set up a Runner image to play the track animation on the map.

Help: Click to bring up trip PC Help file. Track information window At the track information window, right-click a selected track to see more options: Delete: The selected track will be deleted.

Page 21 Export to GPX Page 22 Note: To avoid unexpected security loophole, landmarks configured with embedded code will not be displayed on trip Service at this moment.



Zulkishakar What should a perfect user manual contain? What is the range of error on altitude for the GT? Click Add to add photos to the map of your trip. Select a Runner image and click OK to exit.


I-gotU GT-120 Manual

Activity Calendar Page 39 Page: Start A Trip by Launching trip [ Delete selected track s by clicking the icon or right-clicking any of the listed tracks. Use the slider bar in the middle to adjust the time to desired. GPS Logger will then start logging based on the tracking interval configured in hardware settings. Built-in m Ah Lithium -ion.


i-gotU GT-120


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