Kjp Hurlyburly and Those the River Keeps. Hurlyburly was immediately hailed as a classic. Now prize-winning playwright David Rabe has matched and deepened.. Amazon also sells certain low-end products under its in-house brand AmazonBasics..

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This darkly comic drama is set in the Hollywood Hills. It tells the story of four miserable, self-destructive bachelors, each of whom is pursuing careers in the film industry.

The bachelors Eddie, Phil, Mickey, and Artie spend their time drinking , womanizing, and ingesting a shocking amount of cocaine. All the while, Eddie wonders why his life is slowly rotting away to nothing. The Male Characters Eddie It is debatable whether or not Eddie and his cohorts learn anything by the conclusion. Eddie desires a steady romance with Darlene who sometimes dates his roommate.

However, once he establishes a committed relationship, he subconsciously dismantles it with his paranoia. Ultimately, he is unhappy with both sides and takes solace in the belief that his friends are more pathetic than he is. But as he loses his friends, he begins losing the desire to live.

He verbally and physically abuses women, including the woman he marries and has a child with. He picks fights with strangers, bullies his friends, and shoves a blind date out of a moving car! There are few redeeming qualities about Phil, yet he does achieve one sympathetic moment. In Act Two, he holds his baby daughter. As he shows her to his friends he wonders dreamily about her gaze and her smile. They are very honest. Sadly, the hint deceives the audience.

Yet Artie proves him wrong by finally getting a production deal. During Act One, he is as chauvinistic as Eddie and Phil. He finds a homeless teenager living in a hotel elevator. Artie gains respect for Bonnie and, instead of using her as an object, he wants to spend time with Bonnie and her child at Disneyland. Mickey Mickey is the most cold-hearted of the four men.

He is also the most level-headed. Rather, he steals girlfriends from his so-called buddies only to break-up with the women days later. Nothing is terribly important to Mickey. When Eddie is desperately grief-stricken, Mickey tells him to simply get over it. After all, the females are portrayed as drug addicts and willing objects of easily-won sexuality.

Which is a fancy way of saying they sleep with a guy five minutes after meeting him. However, despite their obvious flaws, the females in Hurlyburly are the savior characters.

Bonnie offers insight and advice to the degenerative Eddie. Ultimately, however, she has enough self-esteem to walk away from Eddie, thereby evaporating his motivation.

Donna, the homeless teenager, accidentally makes the biggest positive impact. She arrives on the night Eddie is incredibly high and contemplating suicide. The girl has no idea that Eddie is experiencing these dark thoughts. The question is: What kind of life will he wake up to in the morning? Note to Drama Departments As the character descriptions indicate, Hurlyburly is an intense drama featuring several challenging characters.


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