She is known for authoring books like Pir-e-Kamil and Lahasil. This Urdu novel is in Pdf format and as long as pages with the language of Urdu and About Pdf book La Hasil in English Download or read online free another interesting Urdu novel "La Hasil" by Umaira Ahmed and enjoy a very beautiful Urdu story of a call girl Kathrine from London, who inspired by a Muslim person Mazhar and converted to Islam and changed her name from Kathrine to Khadija Noor and they marry each others but Mazhar does not know that Katherine was a call girl. Later on Mazhar comes to know about that Katherine i. They both remarry other ones, Khadija adopts a girl in London and Moves to Pakistan.

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The famous novel writers discuss the social life and issues in their novels in a very convincing and beautiful way. They show the family related issues, love life, and all the major aspects of everyday life in their novels.

Urdu novels are mostly liked by females that keep them bound with the unique stories, romance and characters.

When start reading, readers become so dissolve that the characters and the storyline feels so alive in their mind. Umera Ahmed is well-known for her writings and books that keeps the readers bound with her in a unique way.

She began the career of her writing at the age of 22 in with the initial stories in Urdu monthly digests. She has written many books that range from complete long novels to the compilation of short stories and she has made much respect in the heart of thousands of readers and fans.

She is an astonishing writer and the writing comes to her as natural as breathing. She has attracted the large crowd of readers with her great publications. Haasil is the long novel that was once published in monthly digest.

He then meets a Christian nurse in a hospital and asks her to change his religion. But how the nurse replied and brings him back to life was really admirable. A Christian nurse told him that no religion is better than Islam so just tried to focus on the goods and learn the Islamic teachings while forget every other difficulties. It is an emotional romantic story that keeps the reader bound to it. You can online read this novel for free from our website.


Hasil by Umera Ahmed



لا حاصل (La Hasil)


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