Conditions or ailments that are the cause of a problem that you see - your observation. Your vet may diagnose Synonyms: Guttural Pouch Infection Summary The guttural pouches are paired outpocketings of the upper airway pharynx. They are located near the throatlatch region of the neck. Major vessels and nerves supplying the head course through the walls of the pouch.

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Introduction Accumulation of purulent inflammatory debris in the guttural pouch GP. Cause: most common infections areStreptococcalspecies, egS. Chronic carrier state is common. Signs: persistent, strongly posturally dependent, unilateral or bilateral ,purulentnasal discharge. Diagnosis: endoscopy and culture to rule outS. Treatment: drainage and irrigation of the GP, antibiotics alone almost useless.

Prognosis: guarded for complete cure. Unknown predisposing factors, together with anatomical aspects such as poor natural drainage from the GP, as the ostium is well above the most ventral aspects of the pouch. Infection can be seen in very young animals due to some postulated defect in neurologic control of ostium and pharyngeal function. Natural pouch drainage is poor and thus the pus produced can accumulate and become inspissated with resulting in chondroid discrete balls of inspissated pus formed in chronic infections, look like small beach pebbles formation.

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Guttural Pouch Diseases

Contact us to schedule an appointment. Guttural Pouch Horse Diseases Endoscopic view of normal guttural pouch and stylohyoid bone arrows Diseases of the guttural pouches are not common, but can be life-threatening and very difficult to treat. The guttural pouches are unique to a small number of animal species, including the horse. They are positioned beneath the ear and each guttural pouch cavity in an adult horse can hold as much as a coffee mug.


Guttural Pouch Disease in Horses

Decreased performance or exercise tolerance Causes of Guttural Pouch Empyema in Horses The guttural pouches are structures that are unique to few species of animals. These structures are large air filled sacs, positioned on either side of the neck, below the ear of the horse. They are lined with a thin membrane, which separates them from nerves and the jugular artery. Due to their placement, trauma to these structures can cause severe consequences, affecting swallowing, respiration, facial control and head position. Guttural pouch empyema is the infection of these structures caused by bacterial invasion. This is often secondary to equine distemper, a contagious upper respiratory disease caused by Streptoccocus equi, a gram positive bacterium.

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