Many people would tell you that you have not read Hindi novels until you have read this one. It had been on my wishlist for a long time, but maybe the time to read had come now. Chandra Kapur, the protagonist tries to set high standards for himself and for the woman he loves by taking the path of sacrifice. He not only sacrifices the one he loves but forces her to accept what he says. It is only after they are separated that they realize what it meant to be together and the longingness comes in the form of putting the other on the pedestal.

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The series was produced by Shyamasis Bhattacharya of Shakuntalam Telefilms. The story was set against the violent background of eastern Uttar Pradesh and marked the debut of television actor Ashish Sharma who became a household name. Plot[ edit ] The story is set in the town of Lallanpur in eastern Uttar Pradesh where a new incident of crime occurs every day and gun violence is common. Avdesh Singh Thakur "Bhaiyyaji" is one of the most feared people in Lallanpur but is also widely respected for his generosity and sense of justice.

Among his admirers is Arpita Rai, the daughter of corrupt civil engineer Mahesh Rai. While she fears her father and brothers at home, Arpita is a carefree fun-loving college student outside home.

The show follows the unlikely love story of Avdhesh and Arpita set against the devastating background of violence. Arpita writes a letter to Avdesh confessing her love for him. At home Bahuji is not happy with this, as Bahuji secretly loves Avdesh. As Avdesh and Arpita are about to consummate their marriage Bahuji interrupts with making Avdesh realize that he has to avenge death of his father and his older brother whom were killed by Laal Singh. Avdesh swears that he will not go close to Arpita until he kills Laal Singh.

Arpita tries every possible way to keep Avdesh away from violence but Bahuji does not let this happen. Enter Ranvijay Singh a cop. Ranvijay warns Avdesh to surrender or he will have to face harder consequences which scares Arpita as she does not want to lose Avdesh. Avdesh finds out that Arpita had gone to plead Ranvijay to not harm Avdesh. This angers Avdesh even more. Circumstances lead to Avdesh and Arpita going to jungle hiding from police.

And Arpita shoots Ranvijay as he is about to kill Avdesh. Ranvijay survives and tells the police that someone else shot him.

And brutally beats Arpita infront of Avdesh. Avdesh comes and escapes Arpita in prison. Avdesh and Arpita spend some time together and Arpita succeeds convincing away to stay away from violence. Just as everything is getting better with Avdesh and Arpita getting closer, Bahuji reveals to the couple that Shikha is pregnant out of wedlock angers Avdesh. Avdesh agrees to get Shikha and Tanmay married. Ran Vijay pretends to have changed.

Ran Vijay calls Arpita and threatens her saying if she wants the Shikha and Tanmay married she will have to sleep him without Avdesh knowing. Arpita agrees although nothing happens between Ranvijay and Arpita. Arpita thinks she has cheated Avdesh and decides to commit suicide by jumping from the rooftop. Arpita now tries to come close to Avdesh but Bahuji tells Avdesh that Arpita is having an affair with Ranvijay which Avdesh believes. On their anniversary Avdesh misbehaves with Arpita asking why she has done such a thing to him Arpita begs Avdesh to trust her but he leaves drunk.

Arpita is about to fall off and Nahuji comes and pushes her down which Arpita falls off and dies. Avdesh comes to know aboit Arpitas death two days later. With the help of Shikha and Simple Avdesh finds out that Ranvijay had been conspiring against the couple.

Avdesh kills Ranvijay. Pihu a look alike of Arpita enters their lives. Avdesh finds out about Pihu and believes she is Arpita. Pihu hates and rejects Avdesh. Pinup reveals to Avdesh that she is not Arpita, as Bahuji killed Arpita long ago. Avdesh confronts Bahuji and bahuji confesses her love to Avdesh, Avdesh disgusted by that since he sees Bahuji like his mother. Avdesh jumps off and dies at the same roof top where Arpita died. Series ends with both reuniting in heaven while hum hai is pal haha playing in the background.

It will be very interesting to see Ashish and Tanvi in another series.


गुनाहों का देवता हिंदी पुस्तक मुफ्त डाउनलोड | Gunahon Ka Devta Hindi Book Free Download

Overview[ edit ] It is primarily the story of "non expressive love and romance between two characters Chandar and Sudha " showing various trappings of love in urban middle-class, pre-independence India and the emotional conflicts of enthusiastic, ambitious and idealistic youth. In the novels foreword, the author says, "While writing this novel I experienced the feeling one has during depressing moments when he prays fervently, with full faith It appears as if the very same prayer has been ingrained in my heart and I am still repeating it Chandrakumar Kapoor "Chander", an orphan, is a young researcher and has a mentor in Dr. Shukla, a widower and a professor. Chander is close to Sudha, Dr. The two share a relationship that is deep and strong, and their attraction for each other increases with the passage of time.


Gunahon Ka Devta


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