See More Ganon travels the world reaching kids through basketball teaching and enhancing their basketball skills. He trains the top 80 boys and girls in the country for Nike Basketball and directs skill academies all over the world, including The Michael Jordan Brand Classics in Europe. He was offered over 25 Division I Colle After college, Ganon coached Division I basketball for four years as an Assistant. He then went on to play overseas in Iceland and tryout for the Denver Nuggets. He made it to the Summer Roster before being cut due to an injury.

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No menu assigned! Realizing he needed to improve his skills to gain an edge, Ganon developed an amazing work ethic at a young age. He trained for hours everyday and was rarely seen without a basketball. Even chores and leisure activities were done with a ball in hand.

At age 12, Ganon hit a bump in the road when he broke his little finger on his shooting hand. Turning the obstacle into a challenge, he applied the same intense work ethic and developed his left non-shooting hand. After his right hand was healed, Ganon suddenly found himself with two scoring weapons.

This is how he became an ambidextrous shooter. Ganon received offers from over 20 Division I schools and chose Duquesne University in In addition, Ganon played briefly for summer leagues in Austria and France and for many pro-am leagues here in the states.

After college, Ganon decided to further his education. While in graduate school, Ganon started his coaching career as a graduate assistant. By keeping in shape and continuing to train, Ganon earned a contract to play professionally in Iceland. Unfortunately, a torn tendon ankle injury sidelined his plans. After surgery, Ganon spent the next month rehabilitating and working on his gameā€¦in a wheelchair.

He adapted his normal individual training drills for his wheelchair and practiced with the same intensity as before. Due to this injury, Ganon had time to think about his future. And this is when the idea was born for basketball personal training services. Ganon travels the world reaching kids through teaching basketball. Ganon speaks to thousands of players per year; he also does motivational speaking in schools and churches worldwide.

Denver Nuggets summer roster player.


An Interview with Elite Basketball Trainer Ganon Baker

Come on - join today. Coach Gels. A testimonial and drills from Ganon Baker! I use it daily For all those coaches and players that have not heard from you: Who is Ganon Baker?


Basketball Shooting Drills & Triple Threat


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