The guests can interact and see these operations, hence, the name Front-House operations. Checking accommodation availability and assigning it to the guest. Collecting detail information while guest registration. Issuing accommodation keys to the guest.

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Practice Test Front Office Training Plan Training is an important management function and is required to develop and ensure quality performance. In the hospitality industry, some hotel organizations take training seriously; others talk about it extensively but have no real program in place. Those that have developed, instituted, and continued to update their training programs consider them great assets in human resources management.

They give the management team an opportunity to develop qualified employees who can perform jobs according to predetermined standards An orientation checklist is a useful tool that assists in providing a comprehensive orientation A good training program ensures that errors will be reduced because the procedures have been explained and demonstrated. Planning and developing a training program for front office employees includes identifying the tasks performed by the front office staff, preparing step - by - step procedures for each task, determining who will train employees, administering the training program, and reviewing the steps in the training process.

In your new role as front office manager, you remember reading about the importance of an orientation program to new hires, and you also remember the lack of an orientation at your first front desk job. You want to organize a thorough orientation program and present it to the general manager.

How would you proceed? Identification of Tasks and Job Management Skills The tasks performed by each employee are usually identified through the job description. The job description is based on the job analysis, which lists, in chronological order, the daily tasks performed by the employee. For example, the front desk clerk performs the following tasks on the day shift: a. Enters start time with PMS. All of the tasks identified in the job analysis must then be broken down further into specific skills to build a sound training program.

This may seem like a very laborious procedure. It is! But the first step is always the most cumbersome. Using the job analysis for each of the jobs in the front office ensures that all tasks required to deliver hospitality to the guest are included in the training program.

Preparing Step - by - Step Procedures Step - by - step procedures for each task help the trainee understand how to perform tasks correctly. This procedure also helps the trainer prepare and deliver training sessions more efficiently. If a hotel front office has a PMS, the operator of the computer terminal must learn to enter data or commands sequentially.

Documentation, written instructions on how to operate computer software, accompanies all property management systems. Documentation can be used as a basis for developing the step - by - step training procedure for using the PMS, and it can serve as a model for preparing step - by - step procedure for other tasks. Inquire about late charges. Print a hard copy of the folio. Allow the guest to review the folio. Accept cash or credit card or bill - to - account. Enter amount of payment.


Hotel Front Office: A Training Manual


ITOP 4-2-602 PDF

Front Office Management and Operations



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