Barton-Wright appears in many early photos with Eguchi Shihan and performed numerous public demonstrations with him and other martial arts exponents of the time. In the Kodokan he was graded directly to nidan, reflecting his existing jujutsu credentials and a short time later was promoted directly to godan. This was extremely unorthodox as the Kodokan are noted for their strict adherence to tsukinami shiai monthly tournaments and you had to demonstrate a high level of skill in order to skip dan levels. Nakano was eventually promoted to hachidan 8th dan in Kodokan Judo, being amongst the most proven and respected top-level players and instructors.

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It was founded and passed down the generations. The style has a deep connection to Zen Buddhism and has a plain beauty with direct efficient techniques and a characteristic calmness and sharp attention. Inyoshin Dojo is the official representative for the whole of the UK. Mugai Ryu is an open and inclusive style giving everybody an opportunity to train. Everyone is welcome to train without prejudice. The training takes place in a quiet and respectful atmosphere. The students will be taught Bushido as a way of self-development.

Also known as the way of Zen. All techniques have to cut and must be effectively usable in real fight situation. This demand is nowadays rarely seen in other Iaido schools. Until the Master degree, or Dan level, Iaito are used. Iaito are training Katana made of steel, but not sharpened. Kata training helps the Iaidoka to work on his posture, charisma and presence. After gaining some experience, Kumitachi actual combat will be taught, using Bokuto wooden swords.

The last aspect is Tameshigiri, the cutting test, in which the student learns to cut with a real sword. This is comparable to the breaking test of unarmed martial arts. All rights reserved.


Tenshin Shōden Katori Shintō-ryū

The method was to make keppan blood oath in support of the following kisho or kishomon pledge. This oath was a written one with the prospective member being required to sign his name in his own blood. I will not cross swords with any followers of other martial traditions without authorization. I hereby pledge to firmly adhere to each of the above articles. Herewith I solemnly swear and affix my blood seal to this oath to these Great Deities. Marishiten is originally the Brahman figure of Krishna.



The strength of this organization depends on the ability of each of us to listen to our hearts, and to relate to others through it. The circle is the essence of the strategy and movement in Enshin Karate. The infinite points on a circle represent the unlimited positions we move to and counter from in meeting an opponent. This circular movement that takes one out of a line of attack and into a position from which he can counter attack is the basis for Enshin Karate technique.

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