So it is likely that this standard is applicable for your conversion. For an official version of this standard click here If you look at the content of this standard technically, it could be applicable for any electrical high voltage installation, and not just for an EV. This automatically means that your local institute for road safety has no monopoly for this approval, and that other official homologation institutes could do this part of the approval process. And after that, your national institute for roadsafety can perform the last checks and after their approval your conversion is ready to be e-licensed.

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Our leading position as a manufacturer of customized batteries for industrial machinery and vehicles, requires that we follow our clients during specific certification procedures for their applications.

And it is for this reason that we have chosen to request ECE R approval for two Flash Battery packs for category N1 electric vehicles. What is the ECE R approval? Why is it important?

ECE R Rev2 certification is one of the most important European requirements for the approval of road electric vehicles. In particular, two types of batteries for electric vehicles have been approved - 10kWh and 15kWh, tested and approved in compliance with Regulatory requirements.

Our efforts and commitment needed for this approval have enabled us to gain further experience in this extremely important sector - that of electric vehicles. The creation of a QAS Quality Assurance System involves the definition of processes and a series of basic rules and regulations with which the company can grow, improve and develop. The preparation of the documents regarding the system was really stimulating, and the materializing of what is really done gave many the possibility of understanding more in detail the importance of some processes, along with the opportunity of possible improvements.

Andrea Rossini - Quality Manger The official issuing of the ISO compliance certification of the company by DNV December was the first step in the process of improvement and growth, which involved, and will continue to involve, the company more and more with the completion of further certifications regarding products already under way.

After the first renewal of ISO compliance involving a year of application and more than two years from the decision to undertake this route, we are sure that will be the year of consolidation. Analytically monitoring and controlling each and every fundamental parameter so that the company is ever more able to satisfy the needs and demands of clients, guaranteeing that the characteristics of products respond to the initial requirements of projects. ISO Certification.

IEC 60780 PDF

Homologation ECE R100 pour les batteries au lithium de véhicules électriques






ECE R100 approval for lithium Flash Battery packs for electric vehicles


ISO 15031-6 PDF

Develop, test and integrate batteries according to the standards


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