A bit of debugging seemed to be showing that the thermostat had stopped asking the heating to come on. So what to do about the thermostat? It all looked like it was working. I could also see the red light flashing when the controller was asking for the heating to trigger — but still no signal to the boiler.

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Add your answer using the form below The question: How can i reset my RF wireless Drayton digistat? Your answer: Add your answer here. Try to include as much detail as possible. Click here for how to mend it. Vaillant condensing boiler ecoTEC plus? The boiler stopped working and showed fault F22 dry fire. I changed the 3 amp fuse in the electric switch and pressed the test button in the consumer unit. A switch dropped down which I then pushed up.

The boiler then fired up and the fault F22 was no longer showing. The boiler then worked as normal How to remove pressure sensor to just clean it then fit?

How do you remove pressure sensor to clean it then refit it back in place Click here for the repair. Replace a wireless termostat with a hard wired one? Click here for the fix. Worcester bosch Highflow rsf? The fan fails to start causing lock out but a push will do it whence it works for a variable time days weeks months.

This is the 4th fan in 5 years it seems to last a year or so before doing this. Does anyone know the answer? Since then the boiler keeps coming on and going off.


Digistat+2 RF

Vanessa Hubbard December Thankyou very much. My control also showed the display and the flame symbol, so appeared to be working, but red light at receiver. Can I replace it with a Dayton digistat RF 3 room thermostat? Laszlo March I just had a new boiler fitted and I already had wireless thermostat working before. I need to get the time to flash to be able to change it.


can anyone help with instuction manual for drayton RF2

Or pressing the minus button, the flame disappears and the heating goes off. The other night I acidentally pressed the wrong button and everything started flashing. I pressed this and that, didnt really know what I was doing then later my heating would not come on. It did eventually come on and seemed okay on Saturday.

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