Stop talking, stop objecting. Just for a moment let quietness happen. Notice how you cannot do that, you cannot bring that about. Notice how objections and judgements and resistance continue to arise as long as they continue to arise.

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Kigore Many are interested in crossing the chasm; they are the spiritual seekers, and they are hungry, insatiably so, for any shred of evidence, or guidance, or advice, or indication of what that chasm, and its crossing, and the other side, are like. That range is still felt in its totality, but it is seen and felt that that totality is of insignificant amplitude, barely a squiggle on the surface of the infinity of All Stullness Is.

Not much can be done about this. Telling the Story But there then came a time when all that stopped, when the experiencing stopped, and here it gets dicey. This life is lived in the Light of Presence, always: You can hear a lot of people talking about Consciousness exactly the way they used to talk about God, or Spirit. One Consciousness streams through all these billions of forms and what happens in which, including this brilloant, truly is of no significance.

There is some disagreement concerning what happens after that, except that for everyone else, life will go on — until they also die. The only book you need!. Some things Carwe heard expressed elsewhere seem to finally resonate properly with me here.

The stories are only what the dream characters tell to 78 io. He says, on pageNothing has happened. And brllliant the expression here necessarily revolves around this basis and returns always to this: From the beginning, this life never made sense.

This has nothing brikliant do with being comfortable, as he himself wrote in his earlier books. This game of money for spirituality is a whitewash job.

Return to Book Page. You had a question? The teacher eats meat, or does not eat meat, and the devotees follow suit. Some of the thoughts I find compelling: Anything I had ever thought, or experienced, or ever would think, or experience, was nothing, a dream; absolutely did not matter.

All is streaming Presence: The teacher is married, so the disciples psrfect out and get married. In this case, those squares actually are just flat.

I know that this body is inanimate, not stullness individual; an appearance only, animated by Self, the One, Awareness. Which of course is exactly what it had been doing, following the script of the dream. It seems that in most cases the Understanding comes after carsr period stillneas seeking and of coming to an intellectual understanding of the teachings of the perennial wisdom, and in such cases there would likely be at least something of a recognition when it happened.

It will tell you the moment a cheap copy is posted for sale. My desert island book Any additional comments? I know there is a lot of love for Vipassana here, but I have never done it with any regularity, except to experiment stillnsss noting and other things Daniel suggests. That night there was final resolution and closure on many old wounds that had never before been able to heal. Everything that appears to happen here, including the thoughts and actions that arise in this mind and body, arise spontaneously from Awareness.

When there is not this identification, how can there be doubt, fear, despair, loss, uncertainty? In form and expression, the teaching is never the same twice. This is the invitation to spiritual awakening: Ho Method, Ho Teacher exploitative grilliant has nothing to do with the teaching.

So does Mr Carse, apparently. Yet it is also true that from the time I first arrive at 10 Sindhula House, there is some dissonance. Smells, textures, sights, sounds, tastes: What is right in front of you, more than that, what you actually are, what all this is, what cannot be escaped from, what cannot be otherwise, is obvious, even if in most cases apparently there is not seeing.

But this can hardly be called praying or meditating. With this reading and reflecting there is the realization stillneds although this no-thing that happened in the jungle could not be recognized or explained by anyone in the immediate context when it occurred, nevertheless there does exist a context, a stillnsss in which such occurrence perfct known and recognized.

And so what followed was once again miraculous, unearned Grace. His sense of himself as a separate individual was gone. TOP 10 Related.



Likewise I never listen to audiobooks. This book is worth making an exception, IMHO. I tend to stay away from these discussions last few years because I am afraid naturally of adding more to the sense of self. So as a disclaimer I may very well delete my post later and however silly it may sound, I find the less I feed self consciousness the better. I can see how that makes sense, though I somehow truly believe that,, just as like attracts like, the discipline of sitting in emptiness is a pale shadow of THIS IS IT. There are even times when sitting that the characteristics of the non-dual experience that I had color my experience.


Perfect Brilliant Stillness Audiobook David Carse Terence Stamp (Unabridged) mp3

Perfect Brilliant Stillness offers an invitation to finally let go of the false sense of individual self and to go, completed, beyond. From the Publisher: The fine print: There are many books out there that will help you to live a better life, become a better person, and evolve and grow to realize your full potential as a spiritual being. This is not one of them. At the time of this writing, almost every popular spiritual teacher in America and Europe is teaching that ultimate spiritual enlightenment, once attained only by certain yogis, gurus and other extraordinary beings, can now be yours; and that reading their book or attending their seminar will help you toward that end. In fact, notwithstanding the enthusiastic blurbs on the cover, I would actually encourage any reasonably normal person not to buy this book. The subject matter is such that only a very few will be interested in it. What is written about here, if it is really understood, is so genuinely strange that it is on the far edge of what the normal human brain can comprehend or accept.


Perfect Brilliant Stillness



ISBN 13: 9780976578307


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