Embalagem Especial Cada embalagem Especial da Philips Iluminao Automotiva: fortalece a marca Philips e melhora a visibilidade de cada lmpada Philips na janela transparente, protege cada lmpada Philips contra danos, de modo que o produto que seu cliente comprar ser o produto que ele instalar. Combina tecnologia de embalagem para Ponto de venda PoS com a simplicidade de seu jogo de exibio direto da caixa, contm o smbolo de Equipamento Original OE , garantia de qualidade, cumpre as normas ambientais internacionais para garantir o respeito ao meio ambiente. Philips Iluminao Automotiva - a lder da indstria em tecnologia de ponta em iluminao automotiva - introduz inovaes em seus produtos e inspirao nas suas embalagens. A integrao entre o desenho e a embalagem de nossos produtos - simples, coerente e fcil de usar - satisfaz as necessidades do cliente atual de iluminao para automveis. Projetamos nossa linha integrada de embalagens de produtos para indicar a seus clientes os produtos da Philips Iluminao Automotiva que faro com que eles voltem procurando mais. Embalagem Blister Nossa embalagem tipo blister apresenta uma paleta comum com cores e imagens grcas para unicar nossa oferta de Philips Iluminao Automotiva, ao mesmo tempo em que protege cada lmpada Philips.

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Vudogis The lamp only appears amber when it ashes. All the lamps comply with the quality requirements of car manufacturers and therefore surpass the requirements of European standards. Philips has autimotivas lot of competitive weapons Through its policy of constant research, OSRAM has for many years been leading the eld in the automotive lighting sector and will continue to do so.

The luminance L of a light source or an illuminated area is a measure of the impression of brightness. Special services for retailers. Better illumination of the road reduces the risk of accidents. Optimised and integrated high-voltage igniter in the protected lamp base. The article number is used to order a particular consumer unit, so it basically corresponds to the old order number. Behind the clear glass the silver cap blends perfectly with the reector.

The savings in time and money are considerable, especially on journeys abroad. Why build a relevant sales force for Philips? At K it has a colour temperature closer to natural daylight than conventional halogen light K and is therefore easier on the eyes. The key to its success is its commitment to research. In summary, M2O Excellence will bring a step-change in terms of how to winwith customers in their marketsProvide customers with a more coherent customer experienceUnderstand what is happening at a customer level x-sector Identify sales opportunities due to increased visibilityShare best practices in sales across PhilipsDrive improved and more predictable business resultsIncrease sales efficiency with less administrative work8.

Such modications may impair the technical properties of our products, destroy them or cause consequential damage or injury, for which OSRAM cannot under any circumstances be held responsible. With its modern design and decorative motifs on the front, the cabinet is a real eye-catcher. The label tells you what the kit contains, together with technical data.

We absolutely adore the minimalistic form of and how its various finishes add intrigue and contrast to the interior. Elimination of the costly and critical high-voltage plug connections on the lamp. These counter displays are difcult to miss! Spare lamp kit oor display. Meets the strict quality requirements of German car manufacturers. Illegal use on public roads leads to cancellation of the operating licence and to loss of insurance cover1.

Poor visibility is one of the most frequent causes of accidents on the road. With their attractive design, ease of handling and helpful pictograms that show the specic benets of the product, these boxes really sell themselves. Drivers who always have the right spare lamps with them will save themselves the trouble of taking their vehiclesinto a garage for replacements or searching for the nearest retailer.

Height h in mm Length l in mm Shipping unit Real eye-catcher thanks to attractive design. Optimasi Carbomer Dan Hpmc Documents. COOL BLUE produces high-contrast light similar to natural wutomotivas and is therefore easier on the eye than the light from conventional headlights. For example, sales material can carry the retailers own logo. Most Related.


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