Lowest price guaranteed Details The Brymen BMs is a high performance multimeter that has no problem matching up to the expensive Fluke meters when it comes down to display, possibilities and accuracy. Very accurate measurements can be read thanks to the ,count display that updates every 5 seconds. The BMs is fused for use up to V and can even measure to this value. Thanks to the , count display, the meter can accurately measure 2 decimals even at V. Within a very short time frame, Crest can measure and display the Min-Max values automatically.

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The price was much better than anything else with this build quality and specification. I purchased mine from a company in Poland mainly because I could not find it available to be shipped to me anywhere else. It is built very well with thick and tough feeling materials. The Rubber holster is nice and "rubbery" unlike many of the cheap feeling PVC plastic holsters.

Everything on the outside of the meter is easy to read and understand. Actually I was not able to get it in between settings. Yes this meter is big and heavy. On the inside, it matches the quality of the feel on the outside.

The layout of the input protection is a little messy, but nothing that makes me uncomfortable. The only thing that might be a shortcoming is that the battery wires run through a hole near the input jack for the high amp range. Is this a problem? I am confident that it actually has been tested and passed its ratings.

If I want to feel safe when using a meter, this BM is definitely the one I will reach for. All of the case seems to be sealed with rubber seals and o-rings. If not water tight, it is definitely very dust proof.

With any test I could throw at the BM, it appears to be well within specification. Dual temperature, dBm with adjustable impedance, conductance, and filtered AC measurement for motor drives are the main outstanding additions to the usual functions. The meter will read its internal temperature if you short out the inputs instead of plugging in a thermocouple. The backlight is OK, not the best but pretty good.

They have very thin shrouded tips that are nice and sharp. However, they seem to have a high relative internal impedance of 0. The cover window for the display is made of really nice thick plastic, but the plastic seems a little soft and scratches easily. The holster has those built in probe holders but I find them next to useless in any work I have done and they add quite a bit of unwanted bulk to the meter.

So my dislikes are niggly little complaints and for the price of this meter they are really insignificant. I will be working regularly on VDC plus equipment in a solar installation and I will feel quite confident using it on this and on my electronics projects too.

These are apparently made by Brymen as their OEM. Additional Information: I realized that I had not mentioned a couple of features that are important points. The first one is that the optional settings for each selector position are remembered after power down. This is very handy for those who prefer to have their own default settings instead of what the manufacturer decides you should have. Second: The amp and milliamp range share the same dial position and the meter auto selects which is active based on what input the probe is connected to.

I cleaned the tips and the lead resistance dropped from 0.


Brymen BM869s multimeter






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