Actually, I could plug in any year before ? And while many think this classic book is only about creative, copywriting and direct marketing, it is more importantly about human behavior…how we can predict it and how we need to be immersed in what it takes to understand why people do the things they do at the deepest level. He makes it sound so simple. But when a man who could write copy as well as anyone who has ever lived lets us in on his secret to success, we must pay attention.

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Dec 20, I have a confession to make. You see, I fancy myself as being as a bit of a marketing guy. A bit. Everyone in direct response marketing says that you should study this book as if your life depended on it. So there must be something to it. Well, the other day my direct response mentor gave me crap for not having read it yet. So I got it. The verdict? Copy cannot create desire for a product.

Actually, it would be impossible for any one advertiser to spend enough money to actually create this mass desire. He can only exploit it. And he dies when he tried to run against it. Let that sucker sink in for a minute. Get the Cheat Sheet This is an old book, folks. These days, female copywriters kick ass , too.

Despite being intimately familiar with the concept described in this paragraph, I found myself reading it and re-reading it. I singled out this paragraph because this rule gets ignored too often, to our detriment.

Williams , for that one. Instead of following up with our lists with the intention to segment out those who possess the mass desire that we want to exploit, we just blast away with sequential messages to the entire group hoping something sticks. All those Web sites offering free white papers, special reports, exclusive studies, etc.

It might be the most important marketing thing you do all day. And what about the book? Yeah, really. Consider it a perpetual psychology and marketing education — something to read and re-read over the years.

So over to you. Have you read the book? What did you think of it? Planning on getting it? Let us know in the comments!


Breakthrough Advertising

Schwartz About the Book Dear friend, Everyone practicing copywriting or marketing today needs as much Gene Schwartz in their life as possible. I believe he might be the most important figure in the history of advertising when it comes to the merging of human behavior with copywriting and marketing. And now from these images you will generate sentences. And from these sentences you will then generate entire discourses.


Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene M. Schwartz ePub Download

Apr 04, Vassilena rated it it was amazing A great read for aspiring copywriters. Feb 09, Martin Hamilton rated it it was amazing Eugene proves people never change. Times may change and technology but the inner soul of humans will not. What worked in Caesars time still works today. The main thing this book portrayed is how most things are just a recreation of something that has already been created. The problems people have with marketing are mainly how to get attention and keep the interest of the reader or viewer. Eugene explains how to do this while making your product unique even though your audience is aware it may be Eugene proves people never change.


Download Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene M. Schwartz ePub eBook Free. Breakthrough Advertising is an amazing business and advertising guide which shares tons of strategies to promote your business effortlessly. Description of Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene M. Schwartz ePub Breakthrough Advertising is the advertising and business guide which shares the proven techniques and methods of doing business. Eugene M. Schwartz is the author of this impressive advertising book.



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