Am J Orthod. Bioprogressive therapy as an answer to orthodontic needs. Part II. Ricketts RM. From the foregoing discussions, it may be recognized that a new, lighter, and sequential order of force applications is recommended.

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Since the first steps of Dr Angle and his contemporary colleagues such as Dr Calvin Case and followed by their followers such as Dr Charles Tweed and many others, the main goal on Orthodontic treatment was to align the teeth and as soon as the teeth were in alignment a comfort zone could be reached, this way the alignment of the teeth alone was the first priority, no matter if was needed teeth extractions or enlargement of the arches.

In the beginning everything was developed by attempt and mistakes, all appliances were hand made till the discovery of X-Rays and the Roentgenography. Before the advent of chrome alloy stainless steel , orthodontists had to be skilled craftsman as well as doctors. In fact, much of their time was spent devising, constructing, and maintaining their own oral appliances.

Archie Brusse, and those inventive changes were first presented in , in Oklahoma. At that moment the company was named Rocky Mountain Metal Products. The world was affected by two world wars, many of young doctors at that moment had to serve the Army and somehow this status influenced them.

This also happened to Dr Ricketts, the money disappeared and was very difficult to have enough money to afford a graduation course. Apart of hard days, his fist contact to Orthodontics happened when he was a graduating student in Indiana.

By that moment he got fascinated for the specialty and start his mission to become a post-graduate student of Orthodontics. Brodie responsibility. After some attempts Dr Ricketts was accepted to the program in September of He expressed a love and respect for the profession that I had never experienced before.

Dr Steiner was the one who encourage him to move to Pacific Palisades in California, open an office and start his own practice, receiving his first patient on July 1st, During his days as a student and researcher in Chicago Rick produced his first papers on TMJ subject, utilizing Laminagraphy.

Also following Dr Downs suggestions he developed a technique of forecasting the facial growth for 2 years period from lateral radiographies. During his practice in California, little by little continued to work on new mechanical techniques and appliances.

In he accept a young man under a preceptorship, Dr Ruel Bench. Dr Bench would become one of his most important helper and partner on the development of Bioprogressive Therapy Philosophy. His long partnership with Rocky Mountain Orthodontics — RMO — helped him to develop many useful products and devices, such as preformed bands and pre adjusted brackets, presented on AAO meeting in Los Angeles, May of In Dr Ricketts started his advanced classes for groups of 15 to 25 people and in all students were invited to met together and it was founded the FOR Foundation for Orthodontic Research , in san Francisco — CA.

After many travels around the world for lecturing, Rick made lots of great connections and followers in all Continents, in many countries. In Dr Ricketts was already associated to Dr Bench in his practice and lectures, and they decided to hire a new doctor to join the team, Dr James Hilgers.

This way Dr Ricketts could have more free time to dedicate himself to research and teaching. The arcial growth of the mandible was described in and first published in During the years 70s Ricketts was under his most motivated moment to lecture, expand his thoughts and ideas.

Ironically, on the other hand, he experienced difficulties of acceptance of those news ideas. In alone Rick published six articles and had received the Ketchum Award. At this moment, with the help of Dr Carl Gugino, Ricketts ideas were spread all around the world. But in Rick and Bench ended their practice partnership, but kept as good friends.

This book became the textbook for Bioprogressive Philosophy; it included many Ricketts and cooperators papers and added lots of detailed information on mechanics and description of the techniques involved in the Philosophy.

This book was translated into many languages all around the world. After the discovering of arcial growth of the mandible, geometrics and mathematics fascinate Dr Ricketts. Dr Moss instigates him to research and study about Divine Proportion and the Fibonacci numbers, it was in In s Ricketts started to lecture about those principle to orthodontists and plastic surgeons. In and Ricketts dedicated his efforts to publish a book collection together to RMO, trying to put all his ideas and efforts on past years together, with the objective of tell a story.

He also published some manuals describing and updating his thoughts and the Bioprogressive science on many details. From till Ricketts launched 13 manuals on many Bioprogressive Therapy subjects, under Bioprogressive Institute for Bioprogressive Education, Scottsdale — Arizona label. Many subjects were debated, including the idea of change the name of Bioprogressive Therapy, what was rejected by the majority of the doctors.

A big party happened, this was what Rick requested to all of his friends and family. Unfortunately this was the last FOR meeting and the group dissolved. It is easy to understand the reason why the Bioprogressive Therapy did not become as popular as some other Straight Wire techniques… The Bioprogressive Therapy was developed by Ricketts and all of his followers little by little, aggregating more and more information, as soon as new biological findings were being discovered, some new Biomechanical artifacts were being aggregated, and this way on, making the Orthodontic and Dentofacial treatment of the human being customized to each individual that entered an Ortho office.

Those findings and customizations increased the learning curve; Orthodontics is not simply teeth alignment anymore.

Now biology enter to the consciousness and diagnosis and treatment planning became much more complex. People usually scare with difficulties and try to search for something that can make their lives easier and simpler, without cutting earnings. Treatment protocols can be easier to be taught to post graduation students, but what will happen when the students have to face their first problems in their offices?

If we observe that is happening to the specialty nowadays what can we see? The major changes are focused on brackets prescriptions and design. The is no doubt that the addition of new technologies, developing new materials and alloys can reduce somehow treatment steps, but it will never change the biological principles. The use of systems to approach to diagnosis and treatment by the application of the visual treatment objective in planning treatment, evaluating anchorage and monitoring results.

Torque control throughout treatment. Muscular and cortical bone anchorage. Movement of all teeth in any direction with proper application of pressure. Orthopedic alteration.

Treat the overbite before the overjet correction. Sectional arch therapy. Concept of overtreatment. Unlocking the malocclusion in a progressive sequence of treatment in order to establish or restore more normal function. Efficiency in treatment with quality results, utilizing a concept of prefabrication of appliances.

We lose our mentor, the man that drove the professionals who followed this approach of treat patients and after the last FOR meeting in Orlando — FL — , we also lose a meeting group. Now, with the Modern Bioprogressive Organization, we want to have the meeting point back. Make this portal as an area for debates, suggestions and more than anything, a place where we can create new papers for publishing, and scientific works can be done.

Why call as Modern Bioprogressive? Because, apart of the need of keep the principles alive, we now have new products and material that can be integrated and make our lives easier, developing mechanical procedures faster but driven the treatment to the excellence. Can the Modern Bioprogressive be fashion in the world of Orthodontics techniques?

Maybe yes, maybe not, but this is not the main intention, what we want is to have a portal of continuous progression.


Bioprogressive therapy as an answer to orthodontic needs. Part II.

Life[ edit ] Ricketts was born in Kokomo, Indiana into a poor family. After high school, he worked as a laborer in a steel mill factory and a radio factory for one year. He obtained his dental degree from Indiana University School of Dentistry in He then joined the U. Navy as a dentist for two years and eventually went to the University of Illinois to study orthodontics under Dr. Allan G.


Robert M. Ricketts


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