Published on Sun 2 May As for the gargantuan advance she reputedly received for her first novel, well, it is a bit green-inducing, I suppose. But, as Plum would be the first to point out, money alone is not enough to make a girl happy. Not even a very shallow girl. Then again, having read Bergdorf Blondes, neither am I exactly filled with love for her. It took me several hours to dispatch her novel and afterwards, I was not, as her heroine might put it, in a good place.

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I think it may have been because my sister lent it to me when I asked her if I could borrow a book on my trip to Milwaukee last summer. She specifically warned me in advance that it was really stupid, but secretly a fun read in a guilty pleasure sort of way.

Most people would probably say at this point, "What were you expecting, Camus? It was basically like Sex and the City but 10, times more vapid and pointless. Instead I finished it. What is wrong with me? I think I still have this book laying around somewhere in my house, sorry Addie, I honestly have no problem returning it to you the next time I see you again.

Bergdorf Blondes reminded me of the first Chick-lit books I ever read, Tiffany Trott and Minty Malone and Come Together and all those other British classics, only it had the all-too-wonderful extra ingredient, New York! I loved every page! Park Avenue princesses with ridiculous concerns, who plot how to get the best out of a sample sale at Chanel, Front Row Girls, muses, waiting lists for I read this book yesterday. They search for fiances not husbands , go to parties, lunches, foreign cities, get heartbroken, get wonderful facials, start book clubs, and finally find love.

I thought the book was clever and hilarious It takes all sorts to make a world.


Have blondes ever been so dumb?

Synopsis[ edit ] The book follows an unnamed young socialite living in New York as she interacts with her best friend Julie and tries to find a successful romantic relationship. Despite her best attempts to salvage the relationship, the protagonist is dumped by Zack. Not only does this harm her social standing, but the protagonist is psychologically devastated by the end of the relationship and becomes anorexic as a result. The protagonist goes through several terrible relationships with married men she was told that they were single or separated and finds herself drawn to and irritated by the filmmaker Charlie, who has started dating her friend Julie. Since the friendship is gone, the protagonist decides to see Charlie again that night, as he had invited her to return for dinner. However the protagonist finds that Charlie has left, giving her the impression that he was just using her like the other men she has dated. This all proves to be too much for the protagonist and before leaving, she tells Charlie that she hates him and that she can no longer trust him since he never trusted her with any of this information.


Bergdorf Blondes

Sykes has described herself as a "painfully shy" child with mousey brown hair and goofy teeth. In she went up to Worcester College, Oxford , where she graduated in modern history. The effects of this left her impecunious for a while and she received assistance from Worcester to remain at the college. Vogue[ edit ] In , Sykes became a fashion assistant at British Vogue. In , Sykes became a contributing editor on fashion for American Vogue, of which Anna Wintour , also British, had been editor-in-chief since Sykes soon became a familiar figure on the New York social scene, being frequently described as an " It girl ". Men want women to be sexy.


Plum Sykes


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