January 1, Katherine Cowley This is officially the only "high concept" crochet book I have ever read. And what a concept! Yes, the but-side of the This is officially the only "high concept" crochet book I have ever read. My other complaint is that the table of contents only includes the general section headings

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Melissa is also the author of Austentatious Crochet: 36 Contemporary Designs from the World of Jane Austen , which was released last week and is already the top seller in new releases on Amazon. Congratulations Melissa! You may have noticed a recent interest in knitting patterns that are somehow related to classic British literature.

Melissa has introduced the same concept into crochet with her new book. Her favorite Austen book is Persuasion , a close second! Melissa can be found at her website, Stitch Scene or on her Ravelry designer page. Melissa: My sister and I were raised by a single mother, and each day after school, we would walk to the hair salon where she worked and spend at least 2 hours waiting in a tiny breakroom for her to finish her shift.

One day, a woman who would come in each week to have her hair set took pity on my sister and me. She invited us to take crochet lessons from her. Once a week, we would walk to her house after school, and sit at her highly polished dining room table learning to work with a hook and thread.

My first project was a heart doily that I entered in our county fair that year. UC: What inspired you to start designing? Many crafters like me! How do you balance your love of both hooks and books? Melissa: Great question! Our family is rather outside of the norms in the approach we take to life. We have always started getting our kids ready for bed at 7pm. This allows all of us to be in our beds by 8 at the latest and we all read for an hour or so. My husband was not a reader when we married, but he is now.

So during the day, I hook and at night, I book. But [while writing] Austentatious Crochet , it was difficult to stay as balanced in my approach to life, and to find time to read books that were not related to Austen research. What was the design process like for this book? Melissa: Usually a stitch pattern inspires me, or a skein of yarn, but the process of designing for this book was sketches, followed by my finding what stitch pattern and yarn would produce the look I was envisioning for that design.

I have no shortage of ideas, but time to put them all into reality is difficult for me to find. There were over 50 sketches that I painstakingly whittled down to 40 designs. But I can be very indecisive. It was difficult for me to choose which of my designs would make it into the book. UC: What is your favorite crochet book in your collection besides your own, of course?

Anything to make my life easier, I am all over. UC: Where do you generally find your creative inspiration? Melissa: Everywhere! My kids have bemoaned the fact that in our vacation pictures is often a stray picture of carpeting in the hotel hallway as either the colorway or the motif struck me visually. When I come up with a book idea, or a creative name for a design to made sometime in the future, it all goes in the box. UC: Has teaching and designing crochet patterns impacted your personal crafting?

If so, how? Melissa: Most definitely. My daughter complains that I never make anything for her anymore and she is right. I make what is commissioned in the size asked for. But I am slowly getting back to that and creating time for what I love to do versus what I consider to be a chore. UC: What goals do you have for the next year?

Melissa: Well, I want this year to be more than just about survival. As I did all the designs for Austentatious Crochet, all the writing, and all the production hiring the photographer, models, stylists, scouting locations, etc.

I want to cultivate more relationships. I need to become a better networker and delegater. It all seems to come back to there are simply not enough hours in the day. Thanks so much, Melissa, for taking time from your schedule to stop by for an interview! Interview with Melissa Horozewski, author of Austentatious Crochet.


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AUSTENtatious crochet : 36 contemporary designs from the world of Jane Austen


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