Just the way you are с Эту книгу нужно давать читать подросткам. Тем, которые думают, что если они не вписываются в какую-то компанию, они не впишутся больше никогда и никуда. Что если в их жизни прямо сейчас что-то не происходит — оно не произойдёт никогда. Тем, которые хватаются за людей, подстраиваются под людей, теряют в таких отношениях себя, ломают себя, не умеют выстраивать личные границы с окружающими и с близкими. Тем, которые позволяют использовать себя из-за страха, что если из их жизни уйдут даже такие манипуляторы — в неё больше никто и никогда не войдёт.

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Shelves: library-bib-books I cant tell how but I really adore the writing of Nothomb. How she brings a story in your life without using xxx sides. She gets you in like sides. And she brings it to a whole other level. When I should say something about this story, then how I hate the character of Christa since she came in Blanches life, the two protagonists of this story.

How she intervened the good core of Blanche, got into her life and house and even manipulated Blanches parents. And this all with power of words of the author. You wishes half through, that karma gets Antichrista and eaten her whole but this you should find out by yourself. Nothomb shows what manipulation and bully can be and what it still is. A bad habit of society.

I just can say this will be not the last Nothomb Book I have read. I love how she brings mythology, folklore or religious stories into everyday life, and how she mixes these stories in order to make her own story.

She also uses the most complex theories of literature as smooth as possible. Always appearing in the first person, her narration is incredibly seductive and driving. She completely inhabits the psyche of her narrator.

The work starts out strong. Blanche, our narrator, embodies her name. Bookish and younger than her peers at university, Blanche is used to being invisible and, indeed seems to prefer life that way.

When Christa, a popular and intensely visible girl singles Blanche out as a victim, the drama begins. This tension, stemming from the sense of not being able to act against a force of nature, keeps the novel from feeling predictable. That is until Blanche finds the strength to act. The ending is satisfying in terms of karma good and evil are, mostly, balanced , but not in terms of drama.

Am I simply asking too much from a writer who creates so many passages and asides that resonate so deeply with me - just take the pearls and be happy? Her smooth wit and her way of hooking me in to each new novel suggests the latter will be my solution for now.


Analyse et résumés: antéchrista d'amélie nothomb





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