When projects have higher demands regarding fire safety, Alpolic also has Alpolic A2. With this variety the composition of the mineral core is changed which gives it the fire class standard of A2 from the European classification. The material is part of the group of Non-Combustible Materials. Alpolic has continued its research and a new version of Alpolic has been produced and even has the A1 label of the European Fire Safety classification. This A1 type Alpolic is already being used in Australia and will soon be available across Europe as well. The A1 qualification gives the aluminium composite material a better qualification than coated solid aluminium with classification A2.

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Nejinn Stone and Timber — are coated with unique image transfer process. Brighton Grammar Brighton Grammar. The topside is coated with fluorocarbon paint and the backside is a wash coating or a service coating.

Download RF Data Sheet. The topside is coated with high-performance Fluoropolymer resin paint with a matte finish and the backside is a wash coating. Vogue Apartments Vogue Apartments. SCM is a highly rust-resistant ferritic stainless steel which has an outstanding rust resistance comparable to stainless steel Sunday Apartments Sunday Apartments.

Caroline Springs Caroline Springs. Hilton Hotel Hilton Hotel. The panel has been classified as having a superior fire-safety grade to various other types of ACM around the world. Refer to Colour Chart for detail. All colors herein have 8 micron thick of anodic oxide layer produced in the continuous anodising process on an aluminum coil. The annual erosion rate is normally 1 to 7 microns 3 microns in averagewhich indicates that microns 0.

The back is wash coating. Black, White, Orange, Sky Blue. Single — are coated with a matte or high gloss finish. The topside is coated with fluorocarbon paint and the backside is a wash coating. Deakin University Deakin University. TCM has a fire approval for exterior and interior uses in Japan. Lilli Apartments Lilli Apartments. Northern Health Northern Health. The Die coating process ensures complete colour consistency for a smoother more even coloured finish which promoted a self cleaning aspect.

The core, indispensable for fire safety of interior application, is gray in color, with a touch of carbon black for an aesthetically pleasing dr edge. Panel dimensions Standard width: CCM also features such attributes as superior flatness, vibration dampening, durability and ease of maintenance.

Should you use material of the same color from different production lots in one project, please make sure to consult our office in advance.

Downloads Download Product Overview. Maze Building Maze Building. Boardman St Boardman St. Please consult our office for the details. Eureka Tower Eureka Tower. Alpolic production plants are located in Japan and the United States distributing to all building and construction industries worldwide. Download Matte Colour Chart. The continuous anodising finish has excellent color uniformity.

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