Buy Record, mix and add effects all in one place. This compact mixer with built-in effects doubles as a computer recording interface so you can mix, record, or do both at the same time. Whether you are mixing a band or sub-mixing a group of inputs, such as a drumset, the MultiMix 8 USB FX is easy to use, rugged, and packed with features. Offering microphone inputs with phantom power, guitar-direct inputs, and line-level inputs for connecting everything else, plus a wide range of effects, the MultiMix 8 USB FX delivers clean audio to your PA or recording system plus hassle-free computer connection. These XLR inputs also have a switchable phantom power option to accommodate both dynamic and condenser microphones. Reverb, Delay or Phaser can be dialed up simply by adjusting the pre or post fader knobs located within each channel strip.

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Here are some simple but important guidelines: For the mic inputs, use XLR cables. This is where you plug in instruments, signal processors, multitrack recorders and other devices. In the following paragraphs, we tell you all about the inputs, outputs, switches and knobs you see in this section of the mixer.

Page Channel Strips A Tour of the iMultiMix USB Channel Strips The eight channel strips are virtually identical to each other, with the only difference being that channels 1 — 4 are mono and channels 5 — 8 are stereo. Each channel strip contains the following components. Level Control The level control knob controls how much of the signal from the mic or line inputs is sent to the channel. With the iMultiMix you can not only play content from your iPod, but you can also record your mix directly to it.

Please note that not all iPod models are compatible for playback and recording from the iMultiMix — As with nearly all power supply units, this one tends to get warm when left on for a while. We recommend that you experiment with these effects to get a good feel for how they can improve your mixes. You have several options for bringing sound into and out of the board. If you want to bring external audio sources into a recording or live mix, you can do it in several different ways.

A 2-meter USB cable is included. If you need to connect the Multimix across a longer distance, we recommend that you purchase a longer USB cable, as using hubs and other extenders with USB audio often causes glitches and other problems. Page 24 Applications This page intentionally left blank. Symptoms No sound from the mixer.

Audio signal is distorted. My iPod recording is distorted. Cause Mixer is not plugged in or turned Channel levels are too low. Page 26 Troubleshooting Audio signal carries an unwanted hum.

Microphone level is too low. No or low sound from a channel. I cannot record with my iPod. I cannot play music from my iPod. My iPod will not charge while recording. Page 27 Certain USB chipsets have design limitations or IRQ assignment restrictions that must be resolved before audio can work correctly on them. See your USB chipset documentation for further information if required. Replace with correct power supply only use Alesis-recommended AC output power supply.

Page 28 Troubleshooting This page intentionally left blank Page 30 Specifications This page intentionally left blank


MultiMix 8 Line



Alesis MultiMix8FireWire Reference Manual



Alesis iMultiMix 8 USB Manuals



Alesis iMultiMix 8 USB Reference Manual


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