Dec 27, Sylvia rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: EVERYONE Shelves: all-time-favourite-ya , favourite-ebooks , bad-boys-for-the-red-room , ghosts , demons , indie-authors , young-adult I am completely and utterly blown away by this book! Seriously Abbi Glines you really know how to keep a reader captivated! Ok first of all I have to say that I won this ARC ebook from Abbi Glines herself and I want to thank her for the fantastic gift and opportunity to read it before anyone else I sat at my Mac on a stool at the kitchen bench and broke my back and neck until I finished I am completely and utterly blown away by this book! Ok, before I say anything else

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The wisdom of your choices and the kindness in your actions never cease to amaze me. The narrow damp street was uninhabited. Jazz music could be heard from a distance but the sound was faint. The further I walked away from the scattered street lights and into the darkness the more the sounds of laughter, street cars and the traditional vibrant music only found in the Big Easy melted away. Death was often met on these dark streets.

I was here for other reasons. Reasons I was just now piecing together. The fury raging inside me was hard to control. A freaking almighty Deity, let something dangerous slip right past my radar completely undetected. How could I have let this happen? I knew the answer. She consumed me. My thoughts. My desires. My purpose. Now, I had to find out why and then I had to fix this. Because Pagan Moore was mine. Her life, her soul, her heart it was all mine.

Nothing was going to stand in my way. No ancient curse. No soulless boy. And absolutely no Voodoo spirit lord. I liked the pink one best. It reminded me of bubblegum. Maybe clean out from under my bed or maybe straighten the shoes in her closet. Now, my mommy was gone. Tears clouded my vision and I let out a panicked sob. Normally I held her hand when we were in crowds but today she was carrying an armload of her books.

It had been my responsibility not to lose her. But I had. Where would I sleep? I glanced nervously around at the people covering the busy streets. The Arts and Entertainment Festival had brought people from all over to our small town.

Reaching up to wipe my eyes so I could find a police officer to help me, I sniffled and for a second forgot my crisis when the smell of funnel cake reached me. His blond hair was cut short and his big friendly eyes looked concerned. I had never seen him before.

Maybe he was a tourist. He was just a kid too. He nodded then held out his hand. Could he help me? Two sets of eyes looking for a police officer were better than one, I guess. Frowning, I thought about all the reasons this was probably a bad idea. Maybe he was like seven at the most. But he seemed so sure of himself. His face appeared to relax.

He kind of reminded me of an adult. I kept up with him as he wove a path through the bodies in our way. Sure enough, there was my mommy and she was really upset. A scared look was on her face as she grabbed the arms of people passing by and spoke frantically to them.

I realized she was looking for me. Now hurry up. Why was I dreaming about snippets from my childhood and why was I just now realizing that the same boy helped me out in each of my traumatic experiences? I had forgotten about that day at the festival, getting lost. But it had happened. I remembered it now. And that boy Why was he so familiar? My bedroom door opened softly and my concerns vanished at the sight of Dank stepping inside my room.

It was a small request that he always tried to honor. Even now, I wanted to sigh and bask in the warmth it sent through me. I stood up and closed the short distance between us.

Stopping right in front of him I placed both hands on his chest and smiled up into his startling blue eyes. You know that. But unfortunately with my exboyfriend suddenly missing my mother was blaming it on me breaking up with him for another guy.

Her pancakes just smell incredible. Then other times it annoys me to no end. I wrapped my arms around his neck trying very hard to keep the serious expression on my face. When he was this close it was hard to think coherently. All I know is he has no soul. I expected more from you than that. When did my girl go all underhanded on me I put my hands on my hips to argue but he vanished before I could get a word out.

With an annoyed humph, I headed to the bathroom to get ready. I overslept. Dangit, she knew how to make me feel bad. The short pageboy haircut made her dark hair look shiny and her legs were hot for an old woman. I think so. Yes, the time I had my hands full of books and you were supposed to be holding onto my skirt. God, that was terrifying. My heart stopped. You probably shaved five years of my life off that day. I wanted to ask more but the frown on her face stopped me. Her attention was fixed over my shoulder at the window.

Dank was here. I hated her thinking my relationship with him had something to do with Leif disappearing. But telling her that would make things even worse. My hand reached out and gripped the cold iron railing. I knew that voice. Lifting my eyes to meet his I shook my head to clear it. The fact that his eyes looked like blue flames meant something. Remember what I told you. He always gave me a sexy smirk when I shivered. In my ear. No thing gets that close to you.

If she was looking out the window just now then things could get complicated. I was used to this by now. He was obsessed with fixing all my problems. Normally that would frustrate me but right now with the problems I had looming I needed him. At all.


Predestined by Abbi Glines - PDF free download eBook

You would have come across her name splashed above several others, this bestselling novelist Ney York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today having taken the young adult romance literature realm by storm. Certainly many have been known to and will continue to define her by the cute relationship quotes that litter her books. Others however will recognize the talent she brings to the table in the six series she has published in less than three years, the volumes totaling up to a glorious 21 novels and counting. Abbi Glines is best personified-at least by those that first encountered her- through the Too Far series, the four novels that first exploded from her mind in the adult fiction genre, easily garnering popularity from a variety of readers, so much so that she has already embarked on a writing two more books in the series, one a spinoff of the story, and the other, a retelling of the original plot within the voice of the male lead. IN between publishing increasingly popular series like the Existence Trilogy and Vincent brothers, Abbi enjoys life as a mother and wife, splitting her days between the several hours spent at her computer writing new manuscripts and dealing with the halloonist of her kids and the chaos and excitement they bring to her life.





Estranha Perfeição – Vol 01 – Abbi Glines


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