He finds that the engineers are hiding a secret from him and when he finds out the truth, it could change the way people would see him as a leader. Ruling the ship without the drug makes all the people susceptible to chaos. I really enjoyed the way Beth Revis tells her story. Who knew science fiction had so much action? It was on my bookshelf for months, and one day I was out of electricity for a few hours and decided to pick a book.

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Apr 12, Steph Sinclair rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Fans of Across the Universe Shelves: i-own-it , could-have-been-better , original-and-creative , i-really-enjoyed-it , dystopian , sci-fi , what-kind-of-ending-was-that , alternating-povs , heroines-i-want-to-shake , dat-cover-yo Actual rating: 3. Hear that, Kennedy?! So I think, in a way, I am prone to getting swept away with this series.

And just as with Across the Universe, I was immediately sucked into the story, walking around my house with my face glued to the book, sitting on the edge of my seat trying to figure out the mysteries surrounding Godspeed.

Because if there is one Actual rating: 3. I struggled with deciding what to rate this book. On one hand I really liked it much better than Across the Universe, but on the other hand the ending let me down a bit.

I suppose I should back track a bit and actually talk about the things I loved first. Be warned: the second half of the review will have spoilers. The best part of the book was the plot and pacing. Elder is trying to maintain peace, but the people are making that very difficult. After being enslaved to Phydus for years, some are depressed, rebellious and paranoid. The result? Chaos and not the beautiful kind. This puts Amy in a very precarious situation because the people blame her for their downward spiral.

I also really liked the character growth from Elder. In Across the Universe he was very unsure of himself and for a moment he is that way in the beginning of A Million Suns, but you get to see him grow a back bone along with a matching pair of gonads. We also get a chance to see Amy work her way through the personal issue on how she feels about Elder.

And that leads us into the bad. Orion has left Amy a series of video recordings of this huge secret he is sitting on and he tells her only she can make this choice and how it is such a huge decision I can totally get down with that. So the Elder system and Phydus were created to keep the people in check and prevent anyone from finding out the truth.

So for all those years, Godspeed has just been orbiting around the new planet. All the while the food supply is quickly dwindling and the ship is falling apart. At one point in the novel people are rioting over the lack of food. They even go so far as to burn down the Food Distro building, but suddenly at the end we are fed this BS: view spoiler ["The scientists agree that the internal functions of the ship could last for at least a generation, maybe indefinitely if the biosphere is maintained and energy conserved.

My bad. You do not get to change your book canon just to take an easy way out when it comes to ending your story. Oh, and remember that little flop at the end of Across the Universe? Yeah, that one.

That little issue is cleared up in the very first chapter, but I noticed something that was a little off. He thought they were still moving. Now, wait one damn minute. But then when the guy is found dead she hesitates before launching his body into space. But, okay. Fine, Amy. Okay, maybe I can understand that.

The villain had started to reanimate Orion and you know what Amy says she wants? To let Orion drown in his cryo liquid! The guy who revealed to her that they had arrived at the planet. This does not compute! She even goes as far to have a tantrum about it like a 4-year-old. I just really wish the ending concluded on the same level of awesomeness that it began.


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It became literally invisible—but more frequent: the United States conducted a further underground tests, the last in National Archives in Maryland. It includes previously classified material from the clandestine Lookout Mountain Air Force Station based in Hollywood, whose film directors, cameramen and still photographers were sworn to secrecy. The title, Suns, refers to the response by J.


A Million Suns


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